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Financial Remedies Seminar (Birmingham)

St Philips Chambers, 55 Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5LS

Date & Time: 12/06/2019 | 4:00pm - 6:00pm (registration 3:30pm)
CPD: 2 Hours
Cost: Free


Phil McGovern FPFS (Chartered Financial Planner – Managing Director MPA Financial Management Ltd):

Pensions & Divorce

  • Sharing/Earmarking/Offset – What do they mean in the context of divorce?
  • Pros and cons of each to the giving party and the receiving party
  • How can the receiving party “get at the money”?
  • How can the giving party make sure they can still “get at the money”?
  • Final Salary Schemes v Money Purchase
  • Calculation of a CETV and what factors influence the CETV
  • Quality of income v Quality of fund
  • Are all final salary schemes of equal value?
  • Income generation: Annuity v Drawdown
  • Different types of annuity: Impaired life v conventional
  • Pound cost ravaging: the effects of investment returns on drawdown income
  • Is it sustainable for life? What are the risks?
  • Death Benefits of each and tax planning angles

Victoria Edmonds: 

Inheritance and Trusts

  • When a person has wealth but no absolute entitlement to it, what does that mean in the context of a divorce?
  • Is it possible for needs arising from the marriage to be met by wealth outside of the marriage?
  • How can a party “get at the money”?
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